Environmental volunteering: what can we do for the Environment?

As a result of the climate change, a new type of volunteering has emerged: the environmental volunteering

To dedicate our time and efforts into serving the planet provides us the assurance that we will leave a mark on everyone’s future. Environmental volunteering is the order of the day. Learn six ways to get involved.

When we propose to do volunteering, we are dedicating our time, knowledge and energy to help someone or some project, without wanting to receive anything in return. In recent years, as a result of the climate change and its impacts, a new type of volunteering has emerged: the environmental volunteering, which consists of allocating time and efforts to entities and initiatives that aim at protecting and restoring the environment.


We can all contribute. 6 ideas to help take care of the planet

Plant trees

Did you know that a mature tree can produce, on average, about 260 liters of oxygen per day? Among other benefits, trees help reduce air pollution by absorbing carbon dioxide and other pollutant gases and returning oxygen in return; they help prevent soil erosion; by capturing carbon from the atmosphere they help fight global warming; they provide shade, food, and natural habitats for wildlife.

Participate in or organize a cleanup

Start on your street, in your neighborhood, on the beach where you usually go, anywhere is a good place to start. By picking up litter you reduce the dangers it poses to land animals and marine life. It is estimated that there are currently, according to the European Union, more than 150 million tons of plastic in the oceans, and that by 2050 the oceans may contain more plastic than fish by weight.

Participate in awareness campaigns

Join groups that promote awareness campaigns about environmental issues and help spread the word. Mobilize family and friends. When it comes to saving the planet, all hands on deck becomes crucial.

Grow a garden or community garden

Besides having the opportunity to grow fruit, vegetables, and herbs, it’s also an excellent opportunity to help maintain a space that absorbs carbon, creates habitats for pollinators, and reduces the costs and emissions associated with food transportation. And, obviously, allows you to bond and socialize with your neighbors.

Helping wildlife

Volunteer World is one of the world’s leading platforms for volunteer programs in this area.

Joining an international movement or community

On the Worldpackers website you can find several options, all over the world, designed to connect conscious travellers and hosts who are available for transformative experiences.

The Volunteerworld website also offers several options, from the possibility of participating in the reforestation of projected areas, to sustainable agriculture projects, to marine conservation actions.


EDP’s environmental volunteer work

Under the motto “I dare to take care of the planet”, the environmental volunteer actions promoted by EDP have challenged those who wish to join in taking care of this house that belongs to all. Among the initiatives that have been implemented, in association with other entities, we highlight, among others:

  • Tree planting
  • Land and beach cleaning
  • Underwater cleaning
  • Awareness-raising for environmental issues
  • Implementation of community vegetable gardens

In recent years, young people have played a crucial role when it comes to environmental activism. “We don’t need hope. We need action”, said Greta Thunberg, one of the most visible faces of the fight for the future of the planet, which is being taken very seriously among those who still have many dreams to fulfill.

Let’s put the action at the service of hope.