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EDP Christmas Volunteering 2020

With the unique energy that characterizes our employees, we go around the world to help those who need it most, in yet another Christmas that we want to be filled with solidarity. That is why we have the 10th EDP Christmas Volunteer Campaign under way: to respond to the social emergency in the country and abroad, caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

We are going to mobilize all over the world, this immense stage where EDP volunteers are called, once again, to make a difference and to keep the flame of hope of Christmas alive for those who need it the most. Now, more than ever, it is time to help, share and warm the souls of those who fight poverty and social isolation - the two axes of intervention for our volunteers in 2020.

Common across all geographies, with a focus on our country, Spain, and throughout Europe, Brazil and the United States of America, EDP is behind several volunteer initiatives. In Spain, the company invested in solidarity sales, sending Christmas trees and helping needy families; in Brazil, batteries were aimed at actions related to food and health, targeting disadvantaged children and families, but also homeless people and entire communities with these needs; already transversal to Spain, other European countries and the United States is the offering of gifts to children and young people from vulnerable families.

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In Portugal, we are capable of the best

Developed together with ENTRAJUDA Association, of which EDP has been a partner on several occasions, the initiative aims to 'feed' the Christmas spirit. For each basket donated by its employees, EDP doubles the offer, thus planning to help more than 2,000 families in the most fragile situation.

Isabel Jonet, founder and president of ENTRAJUDA, is “very rewarding” when companies like EDP “invest efforts in volunteering”. He points out that in this way they reveal that “they have a culture of doing well and doing differently”.

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A more welcoming street

With its ten national delegations, CASA - Homeless Support Center - supports 1,775 homeless people. This year, it will count on the energy of EDP employees to make the streets of the country a little more welcoming, with the donation of sleeping bags that will be delivered to those who make the street their home.

EDP's partnership with CASA emerged this year, precisely at the time when the association had to reinvent itself, due to the difficulties of the pandemic. “In addition to working together with other social solidarity institutions, there was also a lot of support from local authorities and companies,” explains Nuno Jardim, CASA's general director, who has a network of volunteers spread across the country.

This initiative covers active and retired employees and, in addition to sleeping bags, it also provides for the donation of food items, masks and disinfectant gel by EDP.

We dared to overcome the distance and to become volunteers. Dare too!


Overcoming the distance

If you want to know some of the stories of EDP volunteers, like Rui, Margarida or Cláudio, understand what moves them and what they have been doing in Lisbon, Porto and other cities, you can do it here.

Get to know a little better these two campaigns and others that EDP has been supporting in Portugal and in the World.

Duas voluntárias da EDP a entregar um cabaz de natal a uma instituição de solidariedade
EDP Christmas Volunteering - sleeping bag image
EDP Christmas volunteering - sleeping bags