EDP Christmas Volunteering

A smile moves 43 muscles. It releases neuropetides, dopamine serotonin and endorphins, which help to combat stress. And while 30% of the population smiles more than 20 times a day, children smile around 400 times a day. At EDP we are sure of the importance of smiling and making people smile. This is why this year, in the 11th EDP Christmas Campaign, we adopted the motto:

I Dare to Make You Smile

This very special year, in which we celebrate a decade of the EDP Volunteer Programme, we naturally want, once again, to celebrate and help celebrate Christmas. And we want to do it throughout our countries, focusing on Portugal, Spain and Brazil. 


At Christmas 2021 we dare to make you smile:

fight against hunger

We are capable of the best

Fighting hunger should be a concern for all, not only at Christmas, but throughout the year. At Christmas, however, it is impossible not to think of all those who do not have the opportunity to have a meal with the ones they love the most and with the things they like the most on the table.

For this reason, our volunteers in Portugal and Brazil embraced the motto I Dare to Make Someone Smile and have distributed hampers of food and preparing Christmas suppers.


gifts and souvenirs

Making people smile with a gift

How many times have we heard that Christmas is for children? This year we wanted to use our energy to bring smiles to the young ones and so EDP volunteers have been offering gifts to children and young people in vulnerable situations. With this campaign we are bringing gifts to children in Portugal, Spain and countries where EDP Renováveis operates.

presentes natal

renovar habitações

Construímos sonhos

Once again, our volunteers in Portugal put their energy at the disposal of Just a Change, to give a house a new life in a few days. And so they managed to make someone smile! 

Key numbers of this partnership:
  • 205.850 Euros financial investment, in kind and in time
  • 708 volunteer participations
  • 3,900 volunteer hours
  • 706 people impacted
  • 10 beneficiary organisations
  • 40 rehabilitated houses
obras just a change
10 years of volunteering at Christmas

The Christmas Campaign is a tradition of our Volunteer Programme and has been held for 10 years in the communities where EDP operates. It is a special time during which the desire to help increases given the needs of our communities. That is why we promote various volunteer actions with a major goal - to humanise Christmas for those who need it most.


voluntary hours


financial investment, in kind and in time






Supported NGOs

flocos neve


Overcoming the distance

If you want to know some of the stories of EDP volunteers, like Rui, Margarida or Cláudio, understand what moves them and what they have been doing in Lisbon, Porto and other cities, you can do it here.

Get to know a little better these two campaigns and others that EDP has been supporting in Portugal and in the World.

Duas voluntárias da EDP a entregar um cabaz de natal a uma instituição de solidariedade