Key data

Duration: 30 months

Overall budget: 2M €

Demonstrators: Porto and Hasselt





AmBIENCe is a project aiming at extending the concept of Energy Performance Contracts (EPCs) to active buildings (with accessible and valorised flexibility) and making it available and appealing to a wider range of buildings (and group of buildings), combining savings from traditional energy efficiency measures with additional earnings coming from the deployment of (implicit and explicit) Demand Response schemes. The active EPC will be deployed with an eye toward favouring:

  • the investment in efficient equipment and services for both public bodies and private actors;
  • the empowerment of consumers that will better manage their energy consumption;
  • the energy efficient renovation of buildings to provide additional comfort and safety features for consumers.



  • Led by VITO NV
  • NEW R&D leads the implementation and validation work package


  • Porto (Portugal): the Active EPC concept will be deployed in two EDP office buildings inaugurated in 2011, with an incorporated set of efficiency measures. The demonstration will focus on collecting knowledge regarding the mixing and combination of energy efficiency measures with other-than-energy services, in a general and multi-functional offering to further assess the applicability and bankability in the future.
  • Hasselt (Belgium): the Active EPC concept will be deployed inside the campus buildings of the PXL University College. The demonstration will focus on enhanced energy efficiency and renovation of 15 campus buildings by unlocking the potential of HVAC, regulation and lighting systems. Building specific consumption and flexibility/storage models will be implemented with control algorithms to determine optimal control strategies for given contexts (e.g. specific regulation and tariff structures) and scenarios (evolution of costs etc.). Additionally, specific user behaviour models will be integrated into existing buildings (using sensorization, ICT and IoT).

NEW R&D’s scope

NEW R&D will be the leader of the implementation and validation work package and the responsible for the Portuguese pilot, where, together with EDP Comercial, it will:

  • Test and validate the Active Building EPC concept in 2 pilot building sites;
  • Deploy and extend measurements and data collection to formulate an Active Building EPC;
  • Provide and verify additional complementary non-energy services, thus checking the interaction between energy and non-energy requirements;
  • Develop Active Building EPCs that appeal to building owners, and that facilitate new business opportunities for commercial partners;
  • Showcase the potential of a transparent offer that relates savings/earnings to parameters people can understand and trust;
  • Monitor the impact on energy/savings considering the buildings’ available flexibility (compared with conventional EPC and without EPC).

NEW R&D will also be steering the scenario development and energy system impact calculation of the active control adoption, as well as deliver an exploitation plan for commercial partners, based on the active EPC concept.


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