Objective: The design and manufacture of an autonomous rotating wing platform with visible, infrared and LiDAR spectrum image sensors.

Destination: Testing of assets in the electricity sector.

Process: Parametric 3D CAD design, rapid prototyping/digital manufacturing using additive/subtractive manufacturing techniques and electronic prototyping.

Development: 3D modeling in Solidworks and Rhinoceros CAD; 3D printing of Gimbal ABS thermoplastic parts with image sensors and electronic housing elements and batteries; CNC machining of the structure in carbon fiber frames, copper feed plate and Printed Circuit Board (PCB DC-DC converter); laser cutting of acrylics and cork (insulation); assembly of electronic circuits.

In 2015, EDP Labelec established a partnership with INESC TEC to evaluate the potential of using Rotary Wing Drones in the inspection of assets in the electricity sector.

FabLab EDP has played a key role in the digital design and fabrication of the various components of the EDP Drone, currently at the service of the EDP Group and its customers.

This project aimed at an evolutionary and "customized" flight platform, fully adapted to the different Asset Inspection scenarios from different angles. It is a hexacopter (6 propellers) with greater stability and load capacity and has as its main advantages compared to standard solutions in the market a Gimbal with greater degree of freedom, thermographic vision and LiDAR.