Objective: Design and manufacture a video wall using 4 reused LCD monitors.

Destination: Pilot for the Information Systems Division (ISD) now integrated in the DGU.

Process: 3D CAD parametric design, rapid prototyping/digital manufacturing using additive/subtractive manufacturing techniques and Open Source Raspberry Pi computer programming.

Development: 3D modeling in Solidworks and Rhinoceros CAD; 3D printing of boxes and ornaments; CNC machinery and Valchromat painting for the supporting structure of the four 22-inch LCD monitors; programming of 4 Raspberry Pi computers as an accessory to each of the 4 screens.

DSI contacted FabLab EDP interested in designing a low cost Video Wall by reusing old LCD monitors. FabLab EDP analyzed several solutions and proposed an Open Source solution - the Pi Wall - based on Raspberry Pi microcomputers. Four 22-inch LCD monitors were used by DSI and four Raspberry Pi(s) were installed to process their corresponding video segments.

The mounting and support structure of the monitors was designed in 3D CAD and machined in Valchromat material in the CNC router. The system was shown during a visit to DSI by the president of CAE, the president of CGS and the administrator responsible for DSI.