Increasing the capacity to act on distribution networks

The electricity sector is undergoing a profound transformation. Distribution networks are at the epicenter of this transformation, and medium- and low-voltage networks are those that will undergo the biggest changes by shifting from a consumption paradigm to one of generation and real-time transaction consumption. 
Distributors have the duty to ensure the quality of the energy delivered to customers and to make sure that the network runs smoothly. To fulfill this mission, distributors must make sure that networks have proper tools. It is therefore necessary to improve the visibility and the ability to act on distribution networks - especially low-voltage networks.

Some of our Smart Grid projects:

We are preparing for the future!

We want to turn the distribution network into a market facilitator and an enabler of new services.

To do this, we find it necessary to move towards an open data and hackathon paradigm that will allow us to develop new services and solutions. 

Ensuring the visibility of the distribution network by changing its sensorizing paradigm. This change must focus on streaming, real-time, and increasing the sampling rate of Energy Boxes, as well as on analyzing the sampling rates of several thousand locations per second for more critical network assets (e.g. transformers) and searching for technologies from other industries to improve the management of EDP Distribuição's assets (e.g. satellites). 
Developing methods and systems to improve the integration of DER (Distributed Energy Resources - photo-voltaic, electric vehicles, storage, energy communities).

We at EDP intend to test and validate new network management and operation concepts such as Energy Web (using internet concepts such as P2P - Peer to peer and P&P - Plug and Play) and Transactive Energy.  


Our investments in Startups

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NET2GRID is one of the leading companies' world wide of real time energy data analysis. It produces products for residential customers that are sold inpartnership with Energy suppliers. NET2GRID’s energy insight platform, is reducing cost to serve for Energy suppliers, while increasing customer engagement.