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EDP Trainee Program: Applications for the program's 5th edition are now open

Tuesday 22, September 2020

Applications for the 5th edition of the EDP Trainee Program open this Tuesday. The program is now held annually and gives selected candidates the opportunity to join the EDP team.

The 5th edition of the EDP Trainee Program kicks off this Tuesday, September 22. The EDP Trainee Program is back in a new format: it now runs for 7 months, comprises several selection stages, and gives all selected trainees the opportunity to join the EDP team at the end. This edition takes advantage of this communication opportunity to reinforce the message of diversity and inclusion.

Under the motto 'Go Ahead', the 5th edition of the EDP Trainee Program seeks to recruit and develop different profiles, taking diversity as a source of wealth and a driver for organizational innovation, in which everyone has their own space and voice.

Applications can be submitted at edp.com until October 18th and are open to candidates from all backgrounds. The requirements for the program are mastery of the English language and a master's degree obtained less than two years ago or about to be completed. 

Due to the program's global reach, all recruitment process stages will be held digitally and can be adapted to the candidates' different needs. Once the selection process is completed, trainees will begin their professional career with a one-month Onboarding program and two assignments (totaling 6 months) in different EDP Group business areas, locations, or companies. In September 2021 trainees will finally join the company's staff in Portugal or in one of the other 18 countries where EDP operates.

The aim of this program is to challenge trainees to actively contribute to innovative solutions which meet the challenges facing the energy sector today, such as digitalization and decarbonization. In return, these young people will get the opportunity to accelerate their personal and professional development. 

As such, the 5th edition of the EDP Trainee Program aims to promote a message of integration and diversity in a socially responsible company that wants to be an example of inclusion in the organizational context.