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EDP and Vodafone test the first dam in Portugal equipped with 5G technology

Monday 08, April 2024
  • The 5G Living Lab will explore the potential of the new generation of mobile communications at the Castelo do Bode Dam, one of the most important dams in Portugal.
  • New technology, including tools such as augmented reality and robots, will be tested in real situations in an industrial environment.

The EDP dam at Castelo do Bode has been selected for the launch of a pioneering project: it is the first dam in Portugal to be equipped with 5G technology, the latest generation of mobile communications. This 5G Living Lab, developed in partnership with Vodafone, is truly a living laboratory, created to test the new technology and its potential in an industrial environment and in a variety of situations within the restricted space of a dam.

Castelo do Bode, considered one of the country's most important hydroelectric energy production centres, will be equipped with total connectivity, involving the power station, the reservoir and the environment surrounding the installation. In addition to enhancing the coverage and speed of mobile connections, 5G has the potential to drive a range of new technologies, including virtual and augmented reality, smart tools, the internet of Things/everything, edge computing, sustainable industrial automation, and many other applications.

This pilot project includes systems and devices that already use or could benefit from communication technologies, from drones and video cameras to sensors and virtual reality glasses. For example, in the field, augmented reality can help with maintenance tasks and remote assistance; drones can capture and analyse images in real time, detecting anomalies or intrusions more quickly; there are inspection rounds that can be performed by robots; and in areas where communications coverage is constrained, worker safety can be enhanced using the new technology.

These are just some of the situations being tested in the reservoir environment. The digital transformation brought about by 5G connectivity will strengthen the operational efficiency and security of power plants while also paving the way for the introduction of technological innovations that can transform the management and maintenance of this critical energy production infrastructure in the country.

Through the 5G Living Lab, EDP and Vodafone aim to challenge past technological solutions and provide the opportunity for expanding usage options in a digital context, making processes more efficient, safe and reliable.

"5G technology represents a milestone in the life and management of this dam, transforming it into a living laboratory of innovation. By enabling full connectivity and emerging technologies, we are strengthening operational efficiency and security, while paving the way for a new era of innovation in the energy sector, in partnership with Vodafone and with the support of Deloitte," explained Joana Freitas, Executive Board Member of EDP Generation. "This pioneering project at Castelo do Bode reinforces our commitment to the energy transition and EDP's leadership in the adoption of technological and digital solutions that promote and accelerate sustainability and progress," she added.

Henrique Fonseca, Executive Board Member at Vodafone Portugal's Corporate Business Unit, said: "This partnership strengthens Vodafone's solid relationship with EDP and creates considerable added value for both parties through a common purpose, innovation and the disruptive technology of 5G. With it, we are taking a firm step forward in the strategic energy sector and helping to accelerate the country's digital and green transition. Beyond our contribution of excellent connectivity, we will be an active part of this living 5G laboratory, to test and launch pioneering, efficient solutions with high expansion potential."

With the 5G Living Lab at Castelo do Bode, EDP intends not only to strengthen the innovation ecosystem available to the entire group, but also to create a showcase of technological and digital solutions that promote and accelerate the energy transition that EDP is leading. The potential of this technology could later be extended to other power plants and companies in the EDP group. Accordingly, this project represents a significant milestone in the digital transformation of the energy sector, driving a new era of innovation and success for EDP and Vodafone.

castelo do bode
castelo do bode
castelo do bode