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EDP anticipates payments to more than 1,000 suppliers in Portugal and Spain

Saturday 16, January 2021

Company reinforces set of measures to address the current pandemic context, by anticipating payments to suppliers.

EDP has decided to pay immediately more than a thousand suppliers - especially small businesses and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) - in Portugal and Spain, which will start next week.

This initiative aims to be a support in the current pandemic context, to ensure that these companies have liquidity to pay wages and maintain their activity, as well as jobs.

The decision, which had already been taken at the end of the first quarter of 2020 and is now resumed, will remain for all payments to suppliers throughout the first quarter of this year. EDP hopes this way to contribute to a reduction of the negative effects that the pandemic is causing on the activities of these companies.

Aware from the outset to the alarming signs caused by the impact of Covid-19, EDP has sought from the outset to anticipate measures to support citizens, and businesses, facing this exceptional juncture. It was in this context that, in March last year and early in the pandemic, it decided to anticipate to April the payment of more than 30 million euros, that about 1,200 suppliers should only receive in May.