As a global company and a leader in the energy transition, we believe that sharing knowledge about our sector is key to driving a better tomorrow. Our corporate university presents Global Business Connect, a free and global event that gathers specialists to discuss the future of the energy sector across its value chain.

The third edition revolved around "The Power of Bridging Markets" and took place on April 18th at Universidad Carlos III, in Madrid. Some topics of focus included the role of final consumers in shaping the future of energy markets, distributed generation, and consumers as prosumers.


An insightful agenda featuring dynamic discussions and presentations, curated to spark innovation and delve into emerging trends within the energy sector.

Event Opening
16h00 – 16h05
Maria Margarida Azevedo (EDP, People & Organizational Development Global Unit)
Session topic kickoff
16h05 – 16h15
Carlos Miguel Moreira (EDP Comercial, Board Member)
PPA's Market
16h15 – 16h45
Luca Pedretti (Pexapark)
Distributed Resources: What are the opportunities to utilities?
16h45 – 17h15
Michael Phelan (Gridbeyond)
Round Table & Q&A
17h15 – 17h40
Carlos Miguel Moreira (Client Solutions)
Pedro Neves Ferreira (GEM)
Gonçalo Santos (Client Solutions)
Berto Martins (GEM)
Luca Pedretti(Pexapark)
Michael Phelan (Gridbeyond)
Final Remarks & Closing Session
17h40 – 17h45
Pedro Neves Ferreira (EDP, Head of Global Energy Management)

Meet the speakers

  • Pedro Neves Ferreira

    Pedro Neves FerreiraHead of Global Energy Management at EDP

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  • Carlos Moreira

    Carlos MoreiraBoard Member at EDP Comercial

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  • Luca Pedretti

    Luca PedrettiCOO & Co-Founder of Pexapark

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  • Michael Phelan

    Michael PhelanChief Executive & Co-Funder at Gridbeyond

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  • Gonçalo Santos

    Gonçalo SantosHead of Energy and Pricing at EDP Comercial

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  • Berto Martins

    Berto MartinsHead of Europe Short Term Asset Optimization at EDP

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  • Berto Martins

    Maria Margarida AzevedoPeople & Organizational Development Global Unit at EDP

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Meet our university

Global Business Connect is an iniciative from EDP University, where we promote a development-driven culture, based on continuous learning.