As a global company and a leader in the energy transition, we believe that sharing knowledge about our sector is key to driving a better tomorrow.

In this sense, our corporate university presented the Global Business Connect, a free and global event that took place in Houston on November 8 of 2023 with the purpose of gathering specialists to discuss the future of the energy sector across its value chain.

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On the back of the IRA (Inflation Reduction Act), the North American renewable energy market is set to grow substantially across multiple technologies, ranging from wind to solar, from behind-the-meter distributed solar generation to community solar, and from storage to green hydrogen. As the market becomes increasingly sophisticated, with offtakers ever more interested in alternative offtake structures to standard form, developers such as EDP Renewables North America (EDPR NA) need to keep developing innovative solutions to meet the customer needs.  

In this collaborative session, we will feature industry-leading experts and speakers who will cover some of the innovative products that EDPR NA is bringing to market in both the utility and distributed generation (DG) sectors.

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Global Business Connect is an iniciative from EDP University, where we promote a development-driven culture, based on continuous learning. 

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