The Berlengas Nature Reserve is located a few miles away from Cape Carvoeiro (Peniche, Portugal) and consists of three groups of islets that form the Berlengas archipelago. The importance of its ecosystem contributed to the classification of the archipelago as a Natural Reserve in 1981. The biological value of the surrounding sea area, its high botanical interest and its importance as a refuge for sea birds, in addition to the presence of an interesting underwater archaeological heritage, were highlighted. 

It has been a Site of Community Importance since 1997 and was also designated a Special Protection Area for Wild Birds in 1999 under the European Directives about Birds and Habitats. It is also a part of the Network of Biogenetic Reserves of the Council of Europe and the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve network.
Given its importance to ecological conservation and in the context of energy transition, the project 'Berlenga Sustentável' arises in a local partnership between EDP and the municipality of Peniche, aiming to replace conventional, non-renewable energy sources with a renewable energy source (replacing diesel with solar power), ensuring: 

  • The quality of service to the local population in the process of decarbonization of electricity production;
  • A more efficient and sustainable energy solution and reduction of impacts on biodiversity.

This initiative arises in the context of the implementation of EDP's environmental policy and, even if it is not linked to a legal obligation (voluntary initiative), within the scope of the mitigation hierarchy, this measure has all the characteristics that fit into the profile of a compensation measure, and it can be a solution for access to energy for local populations in small territories considered to be havens of biodiversity of high ecological value.