An efficient management of natural resources demands a change in the economic model in which we live. The circular economy emerges as a bet on the general reduction in the consumption of natural resources and also represents an opportunity for the development of new businesses. For us, circular economy is the right way forward, and at EDP we are implementing this vision in all our business units. 

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Economia circular

In order to progress in the internalization of the circular economy concept, EDP has been working on solutions so that its main residual materials can be used as feedstock for another industry. 


Circular Economy

Reuse and recycle wind turbines

Wind technology is constantly evolving. For this reason, turbines that were built a few years ago with specific technologies and components are now replaced with larger, different and more efficient ones.  

For example, in 2019, due to the re-powering of a wind farm in Spain (Zas), 80 turbines were dismantled, 22 of which were sold and the rest delivered to an authorized manager for its recovery. In addition, 30 shovels, 30 powertrains and many other components were kept for future own use in parks with the same technology. 


Goodbye mineral oils. Welcome, vegetable oils.

In the distribution networks, promotion has been made to replace mineral oils with vegetable oils of low toxicity level, better biodegradation capacity, and which yield satisfactory results in mitigating the environmental impact.  


Reuse and recycle the waste

In the activities of construction, operation and facility maintenance, reusing of is preferred and, at the time of disposal, recycling is always sought as a first solution. In addition, contracts are established with licensed operators who forward the waste to the preferred destination for valuation. 

An efficient management of resources goes beyond the adequate elimination of waste and its incorporation in the economic circuit, promoting its circularity, whenever possible.

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Give used batteries a second life

From used car modules, EDP Inovação, together with Labelec, managed to build a battery with a 2nd life. In the future, these batteries may be used in some identical applications, as if they were new ones.