Episode 1: climate change

The main challenge of the planet

Storms and glacial cold, heat waves and catastrophic fires, and an average temperature constantly rising. Climate change is increasingly causing extreme phenomena and endangering human survival itself. The time to study and debate solutions is over, it's definitely time to change.


Did you know that if nothing is done to combat climate change, by 2100,  the global average temperature could rise by  4ºC?

Now or Never

A podcast that discusses the present and seeks solutions for a more sustainable future

  • Catarina Barreiros

    Graduated with a major in Architecture and with a master's degree in Management, she was a fashion stylist and worked in Digital Marketing, in a luxury product company, and in a pharmaceutical company. The documentary Cowspiracy and a conference on Zero Waste generated the first concerns with sustainability. She created the blog Do Zero and today seeks to live with the minimal ecological footprint possible.

  • Júlia Seixas

    Professor and researcher in the field of energy and climate change, coordinates the Climate-KIC Hub Portugal, and the Energy & Climate line from the research center CENSE. She belongs to the scientific committee of the UL-UNL Joint PhD Program in Climate Change and Sustainable Development Policies.

  • Sara Goulartt

    FGraduated with a major in Environmental Engineering, from Nova University of Lisbon, and has master's degree in Energy and Environment Economics, from ISEG. She joined EDP in 2000, as part of the design and implementation of geographic information systems. Since 2017, she has been responsible for the Environment and Climate area, in the sustainability Directorate of the group.

Generation Zero

A web series that highlights families with inspirational sustainable practices

Maria Cordoeiro was still a child when she began her fight against plastic. Today, married and mother of five children, she shares this urgency of saving the planet with the whole family. They live in a house in central Lisbon, where they have a small vegetable garden, from which they get most of the vegetables and fruit they consume. The composting that they practice allows them to have a more fertile land which gives them hundreds of tomatoes, lettuces, spinach, radishes every year. They make customized clothing from the fabrics they no longer wear. And packaging gets a second life by supporting the art of her husband, Francisco Moreira. Come and meet this family and get inspired. There are many small gestures that make a difference. And these can be within everyone's reach. Do you accept the challenge?