Investing in the planet to get a better return

Ensuring the sustainability of the planet and improving the living conditions of those who inhabit it requires concrete actions, behavioral changes, personal decisions in our everyday lives. But it also requires investment, regulations, and incentives to achieve this economic transition. Investing in sustainable finance - while keeping ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) in mind - is key to meeting the UN's Sustainable Development Goals.

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Did you know that according to the World Economic Forum, ESG investment funds are already worth €43 billion worldwide, amounting to almost 60% of the global GDP in 2020?

Now or Never

A podcast that discusses the present and seeks solutions for a more sustainable future

  • Catarina Barreiros

    Graduated with a major in Architecture and with a master's degree in Management, she was a fashion stylist and worked in Digital Marketing, in a luxury product company, and in a pharmaceutical company. The documentary Cowspiracy and a conference on Zero Waste generated the first concerns with sustainability. She created the blog Do Zero and today seeks to live with the minimal ecological footprint possible.

  • Nuno Brito Jorge

    With a degree in Engineering from Universidade Católica, sustainability has always been a part of its career. He has worked with the European Parliament and EDP. In 2013 he founded Coopérnico, a cooperative for renewable energies, of which he is still the president. In 2017 he created GoParity, a crowdfunding platform that supports sustainable energy projects. He is a member of the Board at RESCOOP, a European federation for renewable energy.

  • Gilda Caetano

    Graduated in Economics and with a post-graduation in Environmental Studies from ISEG, she began her professional career at the Ministry of Planning and Territorial Administration. Soon after that, in 1988, she joined EDP, where she has been working as an economist for more than three decades. Especially since 2005, her work has been focusing on sustainable finance at EDP's Sustainability Department.

Generation Zero

A web series that highlights Portuguese families with inspirational sustainable practices

It was in Serra da Estrela, where he was born and raised, that Roberto Marques, now 37, first thought about the world around him. Albeit somewhat unconsciously, the mountains, the rivers and the animals - and especially the community around him - gave rise to such concerns within him, while also providing him with a wealth of knowledge. When he moved to Lisbon, he wanted to use many of these teachings for himself and his new life. Gradually, concerns about what to eat, what to wear, the origin of these products, how to move around - all this began to influence Roberto's behavior. After all, we are not alone and the impact of each person's decisions affects us all. It was the drive to reflect on the impact of his existence that eventually led him to the field of sustainable finance. First, as a way to know where to invest his money; and then as a way to look after his three godchildren - Alice and Matilde, both seven, and three-year-old Salvador. Perhaps the simplest way to achieve this would be to buy them a teddy bear, get them a book, or transferring money to their bank account; but for Roberto, important things are not the easiest, but those that can help change the world. Be inspired by the story of this proud mountaineer and start changing your life, too.