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A2E Fund - Girl MOVE

In Mozambique, investing in girls' education and leadership training.

In Mozambique, one of the poorest countries in the world, 58% of the population is under 19. Although 94% of girls go through primary school, only 24% continue with secondary school, 10% complete secondary and only 1% of girls go to university.  Almost half of the girls (48%) get married and have their first child (40%) before the age of 18 and Mozambican girls have 70% probability of becoming single parents and household providers before 35. This is the cycle of planned poverty.

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Marrere, Nampula district

Girl MOVE is investing in the multiplying effect of girls' education and in leadership training, and the "Energy for a brighter future" project aims to exponentiate the social impact of Girl MOVE Academy's programs, by making its Campus a reference in terms of sustainability, with a solar pv system plus batteries meant to serve the whole infrastructure.

The project will also include building a "Turn on the Talent" room, equipped with 20 laptops, and able to operate day and night, so as to serve the female talent's training needs, within the communities.

Expected outputs:

  • Increase the number of training hours
  • Improve training capacities
  • Energize the talent
  • Develop IT skills and access to internet

Status march 2020:

  • Girl Move Academy is running on clean energy 
  • Completed construction and furnishing of the talent room with a capacity for about 100 people standing, and around 50 sitting. 
  • “IT skills training” workshops finalized 
  • Execution rate: 100%

Impact (results)

30 kWp
Installed power
1 230
Direct beneficiaries
6 000
Indirect beneficiaries
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