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EDP opens applications to the Energy Starter 'Client Solutions' module, the last in the programme

Tuesday 28, May 2024

Startups that develop solutions to support consumers on the path to decarbonisation have until 25 August to apply for the third phase of this year's edition of EDP's innovation programme.

A new module has been launched in the Energy Starter open innovation programme, which was created by EDP to accelerate the energy transition on a global scale by developing innovative, collaborative and impactful solutions with startups and scaleups. The programme has three phases and aims to respond to the different challenges faced by the energy sector, in alignment with areas that are also strategic to EDP.

The third and final module of the 8th edition of the programme is dedicated to innovative Client Solutions. Applications are now open until 25 August. This module is focused on solutions that support consumers in their decarbonisation journey, while facilitating the global transition to electric mobility and driving the development of distributed solar energy generation solutions.

In the two previous modules, EDP selected startups with solutions for the electrical grids of the future and for renewable energy and green hydrogen, strategic areas for the energy sector and for EDP's growth. Now, in this third phase, it is looking for companies with disruptive ideas applicable to solutions for energy customers, which can contribute to the decarbonisation of energy consumption in everyday life.

"Innovation is essential for the future of EDP, ensuring its relevance in the market, and enabling it to maintain competitiveness and anticipate challenges and solutions for the future. In the energy sector, significant and lasting changes are occurring at different levels. The way we produce, transmit, store and consume energy is evolving, requiring constant innovation to adapt products and services to the new system and to offer effective solutions to customers in the B2C and B2B markets," said Tomás Moreno, director of EDP's Innovation Ecosystem.

After the application phase, startups will go through a selection process, including an online pitch where they will have the opportunity to present their solutions to specialists in innovation and from different business units across EDP's various geographies. The selected companies will then participate in a bootcamp to be held in Lisbon from 26 to 28 November, with the aim of accelerating the development of pilot projects and businesses with EDP, while also providing access to potential financial support and know-how from EDP Ventures. In the two previous modules, the first bootcamp was in Santander (Spain) and the second in Singapore.

Over the last seven editions of Energy Starter, EDP has selected 192 startups from 27 countries, jointly developing 75 pilot projects, 28 rollouts (integration of a new product or service into the market) and 15 venture capital investments, which have already started to redefine the energy landscape – projects representing a total of EUR 24 million in business. This record highlights EDP's success in promoting innovation through this open collaboration with the global ecosystem and reaffirms its commitment to developing sustainable technologies that promote an energy future that is more sustainable and efficient.

Startups interested in participating in the third Energy Starter module can apply through the programme website. To learn more about Energy Starter, click here.



ENERGY STARTER – 8th edition | 3rd module: Client Solutions

Deadline to submit projects: 25 August 2023

EDP ​​is looking for startups working in six preferred areas:

  1. Installation and O&M of distributed production: solutions to reduce costs and accelerate the installation and O&M of distributed solar energy production. For example: robots and automation, digital twins and predictive maintenance.
  2. Distributed generation for B2B customers: new technologies to satisfy unmet market needs with new renewable energy products and business models that go beyond traditional approaches. For example: light solar energy, vertical/bifacial solar energy and microwind.
  3. Electrification of industrial heat and air: innovative technologies to increase energy efficiency and reduce the carbon footprint of industrial customers through the electrification and/or storage of industrial heat. For example: thermal storage, heat pumps and electric steam.
  4. Decarbonisation for B2C customers: solutions for decarbonisation of residential customers and SMEs through the development of energy management and efficiency solutions. For example: smart appliances, energy management, home efficiency and energy communities.
  5. Energy storage and flexibility: technologies to improve storage competitiveness and optimise system integration and management. For example: alternatives to lithium technologies, battery management systems, LDES and solutions to enable market participation.
  6. Integrated mobility solutions: solutions to develop integrated mobility and distributed generation products through innovative technologies and businesses. For example: smart charging, bi-directional charging (V2X) and aggregation services (VPP).

How to apply: for additional information and to apply, visit Energy Starter.