17 Feb 2023
2 min
Mozambique: the power of the sun

For 733 million people around the world, baccess to electricity is still a distant dream.

Among them are many of the 31 million Mozambican people — especially those in the most remote rural areas. For them, everyday tasks ranging from cooking to lighting their homes, schools, and health centers still rely heavily on firewood, charcoal, and other fossil fuels. Mozambique’s abundant solar resources can, however, represent a turning point for the country, contributing to its electrification and giving those populations access to the clean energy they need.

In recent years, EDP has been supporting innovative and sustainable projects in developing countries through its Access to Energy (A2E) initiative. Mozambique is, in fact, one of the seven countries with the most projects financed by the A2E Fund and the only one to have received financing in all four editions of this EDP initiative. Additionally, since 2018, EDP has also maintained an investment in SolarWorks! — a Mozambiquebased company that develops solar solutions tailored to homes and small businesses.

In late 2022, EDP was in Mozambique to visit some of the projects supported by the A2E Fund in different parts of the country, in the sectors of education, agriculture, health, clean energy, and community. This visit helped us learn more about their progress, their successes, and also their difficulties. Above all, it was an opportunity to discover inspiring stories and meet people whose lives were one day changed by the power of the sun.

The A2E Fund in figures

In 2018, EDP launched the A2E Fund to support sustainable, clean energy projects in developing countries.

a2e in numbers graphic
grafico sobre os grandes numeros do fundo a2e
impacto social e metas estratégicas da área de a2e ate 2025
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