15 Jul 2022
2 min

Build your CV

Choose the right parts of your story to tell.

Make sure you mention the experiences that show us the fit you make for the job position you’re applying for. And if you’re applying for an internship program, make sure you mention all your experiences, competencies, and achievements so far.

Update your LinkedIn profile

Your LinkedIn profile should be updated as your CV is. Update your photo, the headline, and the summary section. List the relevant information: professional and academic experience, academic certifications, skills, and achievements. Ask for recommendations from people you've worked with.


Prepare for online assessments...

  • Be yourself and show us how you are 
  • Choose a quiet place with a good internet connection
  • Manage time effectively and stay calm

... and interviews:

  • Review your CV and get ready to talk about yourself and your experiences
  • Know yourself – self-awareness is essential for everyone to be able to talk about themselves, strengths and weaknesses
  • Seek information about the company and review the job offer: understand what kind of skills the company is looking for and try to explain, throughout the interview, why there is no one better than you for the job
  • Answer questions objectively, giving practical examples of how you can contribute to the job; if you are not immediately sure of your answer, ask for the question to be repeated
  • Don't be afraid to ask questions: one of the most valued skills in EDP is demonstrating curiosity; questions show that you are interested in finding out more