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Partnerships for sharing

In Portugal, partnering with Collaborative Labs that create synergies.

EDP is associated with different Collaborative Laboratories whose mission is to create synergies between different entities dedicated to the production, dissemination and transmission of knowledge.

United by common goals

Collaborative laboratories (CoLABs) are usually the result of collaborations between private non-profit associations or companies, aiming to bring Academia closer to the industrial sector, creating synergies that facilitate and drive the transfer of knowledge to the market. 

Collaborative laboratories supported by EDP

1. Smart Energy Lab (SEL)

Created under the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, SEL's mission is to create highly qualified scientific employment in specific areas - energy services. EDP is its largest associate, holding 40% of the capital.

2. Hylab

It is composed of a network of researchers and practitioners who collaborate to leverage hydrogen production, transportation, distribution, storage and end uses, with the main objective of enabling the rapid and efficient implementation of green hydrogen production, storage, transportation and use in Portugal, at competitive costs. 

The development of competitive technologies will contribute to the global energy transition and decarbonization. 

Through its activity, HyLab aims to anticipate in six years (2024, instead of 2030, the reference year in international studies) the balance point between the costs of fossil hydrogen and green hydrogen. This should allow HyLab and the Portuguese industry to achieve the necessary solidity to establish itself as a reference player in the international green hydrogen market.

3. Vasco da Gama

With a focus on energy storage, this laboratory explores complementary technologies that respond to the challenges of the energy transition, such as the integration of renewable energy, the development of electric mobility, the construction of sustainable smart cities and clean energy hubs.

4. ForestWISE - Collaborative Laboratory for Integrated Forest and Fire Management 

This CoLab's mission is to develop research, innovation and knowledge and technology transfer activities, with a view to increasing sustainable forest management in Portugal, the competitiveness of the Portuguese forest sector and reducing the negative consequences of rural fires.


Impact (results)

€20 000
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