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MASSTEAM - Mujeres Asturianas STEAM

In Spain, guiding and promoting female talent in STEAM areas.

The MASSTEAM mentoring project, promoted by EDP, aimed to guide and promote female talent in STEAM areas.

Tackling gender disparity

EDP Renováveis, after the creation of a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee (DEI) in 2020, consolidated its strategy and action plan, including the monitoring of the evolution of diversity indicators and working groups composed of employees from various markets, who contribute to the implementation of initiatives within the scope of Diversity & Inclusion.

Although it is the EDP Group's business area with the highest female representation (33%), the attractiveness of female talent and the increase of women in leadership positions remain some of the main challenges and priorities of the business in the coming years. In this regard, some measures have been implemented, including the Mujeres Asturianas (Asturian Women) STEAM - MASSTEAM project.

The MASSTEAM project

This educational project, orienting and promoting female talent for STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics) fields of study, involved 22 students, who were accompanied by 5 mentors from EDP Spain, in order to give them real experiences from the business world.

STEAM-related knowledge is the basis of numerous jobs, which has translated into an increased demand for professionals across science and technology disciplines. However, the gender gap in these areas is still evident. Through MASSTEAM, the aim was to encourage female talent and presence in STEAM fields of study and functions, especially by accompanying girls from the 1st year of secondary school throughout their educational journey.

Objectives of the MASSTEAM Program

  1. Increase the participation of Asturian companies and business associations in the implementation of activities and actions that promote and disseminate scientific, technological and innovation culture.
  2. To awaken interest in scientific-technological areas in pre-university students in general, and in female students in particular.
  3. Enable students to have real experiences of collaboration with researchers, scientists, engineers and STEAM professionals.


Impact (results)

€6 000
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