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In Spain, combating the depopulation of rural areas.

EDP was present, with the Entama Program, at the 5th edition of the Imperdible05 Innovation Festival, where 25 innovation projects were presented, aimed at combating the depopulation of rural areas.

Combating rural depopulation

EDP participated in the fifth edition of the Imperdible05 Innovation Festival, organized by Cotec, in Otero de Herreros, in the province of Segovia, Spain. The free initiative, which was attended by 2000 people, was the stage for the presentation of 25 innovation projects, designed in rural areas, with the aim of combating depopulation. 

EDP was present with Entama, an innovative program to support social and territorial development, which, in its three editions, has already supported 25 projects, created more than 50 jobs and yielded more than 4 euros for each euro invested.

At the "Entama Station" stand, participants had the opportunity to take a fun quiz on sustainability, with the aim of winning tickets for the "Paradise Train", which made a total of 40 journeys, from Brañagallones to Otero de Herreros, carrying around 600 people.

On the opening day of the festival, June 10, which was attended by King Felipe VI, Cotec brought more than 600 students, aged between 10 and 15, from 14 schools across Castilla y León to the venue. Children and adults were offered a variety of activities, including games, tastings of food grown in the small towns, and demonstrations of rural folklore and traditional music, among others.


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