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Social inclusion
MDJ: Cognitive neuro-stimulation of older people with games

In Spain, promoting the inclusion and well-being of older people.

In order to promote the inclusion and well-being of older people, EDP supported the cognitive neuro-stimulation project using games.

Active and healthy ageing

EDP supported the project of cognitive neuro-stimulation of elderly people, which aimed at the inclusion of elderly people and their well-being, at a social and personal level, using board games as the main tool.

The project took place at the headquarters of the Afim21 Association, the Viator elderly center, the Tabernas Day Center (in collaboration with the Fuente las Maravillas association) and the El Zapillo residence for the elderly.

During the sessions, classic and more recent board games were used, with which memory and attention were worked on in a playful way. As part of the program, workshops were also held focusing on intergenerational relationships and coexistence, digital literacy, psychosocial support and the physical health of older people.

The sessions started with a group cohesion dynamic, followed by a use of "warm-up" playful tools, which mainly develop the areas related to memory and attention. This was followed by more complex games, adapted to the individual level of the participants, to strengthen long-term memory, planning and organizational skills. Finally, there were dynamics and board games associated with the development of social and emotional skills.

The importance of the implementation and participation in this type of programs lies in the scarcity of resources, at a social level, related to the personal and social development of older people, which promote active and healthy ageing.


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