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Social inclusion
Comunidade INterligada (INterconnected Community)

In Brazil, promoting local culture and production.

EDP held the Comunidade INterligada Festival, with the aim of fostering the dissemination and promotion of local culture and production within the Jabaeté community.

United by culture

EDP and the GG5 Institute for Community Development held, in February 2023, the Comunidade INterligada Festival, which brought culture, music and local production to Jabaeté, in the state of Espírito Santo, Brazil. The initiative, which involved product presentations, exhibitions and a performance by the band Casaca, seeks to promote community development. 

The event marked the end of the Interconnected Community Project, carried out between November 2022 and January 2023, which involved more than 100 young people and adults from Jabaeté, participating in workshops on audiovisuals, skateboarding, graffiti, dance, lyrics and rhyming. The action arose from the will of the residents themselves, who identified the theme of culture as one of the priorities of action for the Community IN Program, of the EDP Institute.

Right at the beginning of the Festival, there was the certification of young people from the community who had completed the Electrician and Building Installer course, sponsored by EDP in partnership with the National Industry Service (SENAI). Afterwards, the community had the opportunity to see the results of the work carried out during the workshops developed under the INterconnected Community Project.

During the Festival, a solidarity fair was held, with local products and services for residents. The Carmen Lúcia Foundation (medical and dental care), the Our Backyards Project (products and information on community gardens); the Tons de Amoras Project (handicraft exhibition), the GG5 Institute (sale of products) and Reser 5 - Solidarity Network of Entrepreneurs of Region 5, were some of the entities that were present at the fair.


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