10 years of EDP Volunteering

2021 is the year in which we mark a historic milestone for EDP: 10 years of volunteering. We know that changing the world cannot be done without people and their communities, and that is why we have invested, throughout this decade, in this social and solidarity component.

To date, we have had more than 43 thousand participations and 300 thousand hours of volunteer work, globally. In addition, we are proud that 2 out of 10 EDP employees are volunteers through the company, in projects around the world, which gain expression on the volunteering.edp.com platform.

Conference: The role we can play

To celebrate this decade, we organised EDP Volunteering Conference - The Role We Can Play. An opportunity to inspire us all to start Changing Tomorrow Now.


The speakers


What our people say


Carla Barros

EDP Portugal

“I am proud to be part of this path and I am constantly surprised by the strength of our people, who invest their time and energy.”

Francisca Nunes

EDP Portugal

"Being part of this path fills my heart and is proof that we are in a company where people's energy speaks louder!"


Janaina Araújo

EDP Brazil

"If I could define EDP volunteering in just a few words, it would be love. The love that gives itself."

Laura Gomes

EDP Renewables

"Contributing to the communities where we are located is fundamental, it is a perfect human complement for our employees."


Fernanda Ferreira

EDP Brazil

"Every day I feel immense pride and joy in being part of a team that works to create initiatives that only do good!"

Jorge Mayer

EDP Produção

"All together we build, grow, mobilize, show that EDP has a volunteer program of the best there is in the world."


Vanda Martins

Fundación EDP

"With the Parte de Nós Hospitais project I learned and grew a lot, becoming more aware at different levels, including the reality of health in Portugal."

Esther Sancho

EDP Espanha

"We turned 10 years old. At this age, the youngest leave childhood and I believe that our program is also maturing and consolidating their personality."


Mayra Muñoz

Volunteering manager at EDP Renewables

“I still remember when we started, almost without a budget, but with a lot of enthusiasm, knocking on every door to see where we could help.”



Changing tomorrow, project by project

The action of the EDP Volunteer Program fits into the values ​​of the company, which works every day to promote greener, more inclusive and more shared energy. Furthermore, it reflects EDP's commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) defined by the United Nations.

Our projects are also based on this maxim, which includes Social Inclusion (living in a fairer world for everyone), Training (applying our skills to the mission of living in a more sustainable future), Energy Inclusion (through accessible energy and efficient), Biodiversity (protecting ecosystems) and Climate Action (raising awareness of sustainable livelihoods).