We are driven by a strong commitment towards societal decarbonization

To effectively support our worldwide clients in anticipating and responding to the complex challenges posed by the energy transition crusade is what guides our everyday work.

As alternative energies momentum accelerates, also our innovation spirit becomes more business-oriented. Energy-tailored services ranging from strategy to business case development, funding options assessment and in-depth technical support are key pieces in our client-centred approach. 

Our tech skills

EDP NEW is present in the entire chain of value creation:


  • Conception of strategic and technical roadmaps
  • Definition of innovative Business Models
  • Risk assessment

& Funding

  • Tendering competitive processes
  • Funding application preparation
  • Consortium development & coordination

& Implementation

  • Feasibility studies for new technologies, e.g.: grid integration of offshore wind
  • Industry & Communities energy transition plans
  • Long-term master plans, e.g.: optimal generation mix, grid expansion plans
  • Demonstration works
  • Laboratorial work, e.g.: metering equipment tests & equipment audits
Capacity Building & Training



Roadmap for the production and use of green hydrogen in Peru

Creation of a green hydrogen roadmap to support Peru in its energy transition process, to develop the hydrogen economy.

Technical and economic feasibility study on the production of Green H2

Project focused on supporting Azores in its energy transition process by assessing the techno-economic viability of producing green hydrogen on the island of S. Miguel.

Study on the Offshore Energy Potential in the Atlantic

Renewable offshore energy production in the European Atlantic Ocean has a significant potential to contribute to the EU decarbonization goals. This project estimates a big potential for wind, wave, tidal and floating photovoltaic technologies considering the available resources.

Electricity Master Plan for Seychelles

Targeting a RES share of 15% in the Seychelles energy mix by 2030, an Electricity Master Plan was developed. Its main goal was to ensure that a high penetration of non-dispatchable and intermittent sources would not lead to an intensification of grid technical problems.

Integration of Smart Grid Technologies in Cabo Verde’s Distribution System Network

Assessment of the potential opportunities and challenges for coordinated integration of smart grid technologies in Cabo Verde's distribution system to further increase the uptake of RES and improve energy efficiency.