Client: DG ENER (EC Directorate-General for Energy)

Context: The expected offshore energy growth together with the EU energy policy targets for 2030 and 2050 demand for significant investments on the electricity grid, which will need to be coordinated to reduce costs and increase social welfare.

Project objectives: Analyze the technical potential of offshore energy generation in the Atlantic Ocean and investigate the development of a meshed offshore grid in different parts of the Northern Atlantic Ocean, helping the Member States of the region to increase renewable power generation and meet their decarbonization objectives in a more cost-effective way.

What EDP NEW did:

  • Assess the Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE) for different technologies (wind, wave, tidal, offshore floating solar), including their hybridization

  • Evaluate two possible grid configurations and perform a Cost Benefit Analysis to highlight potential benefits (in terms of social welfare) of a meshed approach

Impact on decarbonization

Contribute to the European decarbonize path through the exploitation of offshore resources and a coordinated approach for offshore grid deployment