Our work is focused on R&D

Since our establishment in 2015 as EDP’s Research and Development Centre, we are fully dedicated to the development and implementation of innovative projects across different areas of the energy sector.

To this end, we actively pursue opportunities in competitive R&D Funds available in Europe and continuously look to collaborate with top-tier partners in the European R&D environment, with the ultimate goal of developing innovative concepts to help shape the energy future.

We are also continuously scouting for emerging solutions and technologies in the energy sector and beyond, crucially supported by our wide network of 700+ top tier partners across Europe, to continue to create knowledge and help shape the energy future through applied R&D.

Our growth

Since our establishment in 2015, we have secured close to €35 million in funding for R&D and innovation for EDP, which have supported NEW’s growing and sustainable operation based on an agile, project-based structure complimented by international technical consultancy and partnerships. We also hold a 23% rate in applications (vs 12% market).

We are the number 1 company in Portugal in EU R&D funding, and we have 54 secured projects until 2027, covering all the seven innovation domains in EDP’s innovation model. These projects focus on developing, testing, validating and scaling-up innovative concepts, technologies and business models that contribute to EDP’s objectives and to the global decarbonization targets. 

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