Client: EDA (Eletricidade dos Açores)

Context: Energy production in the autonomous region of the Azores faces much higher prices than in the mainland, it is heavily dependent on fossil fuels, reliant on external supply, and the RES are often curtailed to ensure grid’s stability.

Project objectives: Investigate the role of a green hydrogen supply chain to overcome the energy transition challenges posed to an islanded territory.

What EDP NEW did:

  • Assessment of the potential for green hydrogen production and consumption in São Miguel.

  • Design and planning of the hydrogen value chain in all its dimensions, from supply and production to storage and distribution.

  • Application of an in-house developed tecno-economic model to size the main subsystems of the hydrogen value chain by simulating the dynamic behavior of the whole power system

  • Regulatory analysis to identify gaps and provide recommendations

Impact on decarbonization

Contribute to the Azores decarbonization path through a holistic and predictive analysis of the current/future needs of this isolated electrical system.