NEW R&D Sessions

This initiative consists of monthly webinars organized by EDP NEW, dedicated to Research & Development, and focused on the challenges of the energy world and the projects that are shaping the future of the energy sector.

From universities and R&D centres to start-ups and companies in the sector, in these conversations we get together national and international experts to discuss the future of energy, the challenges of the sector and the solutions that are already being put into practice to revolutionise the energy sector.

We believe R&D is part of the solution to make our planet greener and more sustainable. In these conversations you can find out how the research and development of technologies will allow us to make this aspiration a reality.

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Webcast: 22nd May at 10 A.M.(GMT+1)
Cláudia Fernandes (EDP NEW)
Johnny Meit (Oceans of Energy)
Yibing Wang (Shanghai Investigation, Design and Research Institute)

Powering Progress: New trends of PV technology

The upcoming R&D Session, powered by EDP NEW, will explore the cutting-edge advancements shaping photovoltaic (PV) technology. Key experts will share their expertise about an array of topics, such as AgriPV's untapped potential and the opportunities of offshore floating PV technology.

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Inspire & Ignite: Women Leaders in Energy and STEM

A transformative R&D event that explores the challenges and triumphs faced by women in STEM, providing a platform for insightful discussions, networking, and inspiration. Distinguished speakers include Mireia Vila Trunas, a visionary leader from EDP Renewables, Joana Costa, founder of Inspiring Girls, Alexandra Moutinho, who is a researcher and university professor and Ana Carvalho, a young and dynamic engineer from EDP NEW, leading R&D projects.

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