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This initiative consists of monthly webinars organized by EDP NEW, dedicated to Research & Development, and focused on the challenges of the energy world and the projects that are shaping the future of the energy sector.

From universities and R&D centres to start-ups and companies in the sector, in these conversations we get together national and international experts to discuss the future of energy, the challenges of the sector and the solutions that are already being put into practice to revolutionise the energy sector.

We believe R&D is part of the solution to make our planet greener and more sustainable. In these conversations you can find out how the research and development of technologies will allow us to make this aspiration a reality.

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Webcast: 06th December 2023 at 4pm (GMT)
Tiago Palma Veigas (Vestas Portugal)
Ana Júlia Pinto ( EDP Group )
Filipe Serra ( EDP NEW )

Sustainable and circular solutions: shaping responsible technology

Delve into the world of sustainable energy projects and circular economy strategies in the next R&D Session powered by EDP NEW. Discover how global leaders are pioneering recycling wind turbines and photovoltaics, reshaping the landscape of solar energy disposal and recycling practices.

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Energy citizenship: Making citizens part of the energy transition

Energy communities empower citizens to control their energy production and be active players in the energy transition. At the latest R&d Session we explored the future of energy citizenship, from its relationship with energy communities to innovative business models and real-world impacts.

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