Objective: The design and manufacture of a demonstration stand for distributed production technology and storage, with the form of a typical house from the Alentejo.

Destination: Demonstration of SENSIBLE international consortium's pilot project in Valverde, Évora.

Process: 3D CAD parametric design, rapid prototyping/digital manufacturing using additive/subtractive manufacturing techniques and electronic prototyping and ARDUINO control.

Development: 3D modeling in Solidworks and Rhinoceros CAD; 3D printing of displays with AC and DC energy flux; MDF cutting; acrylic laser cutting for adornments; general stand painting in order to replicate the architectural designs from Alentejo; assembly of electronic components and ARDUINO micro-controller programming.

The SENSIBLE demonstration stand carried out by FabLab EDP illustrates the operation of distributed energy production and storage systems within the framework of the "SENSIBLE International Consortium - Storage enabled sustainable energy for buildings and communities." The pilot project was carried out by EDP - CNET R&D Center and implemented in Valverde, Évora.

This Alentejo house contains different generation, conversion and storage components (electrical and thermal) that integrate the SENSIBLE Storage system.

The interactive panel demonstrates the direction of the electric power fluxes between the network and the inverter equipment, the solar panel and the accumulators of electric energy (battery) and heat (thermo heater) which operate in each of the five possible scenarios that are demonstrated sequentially through an interactive panel with the simulated scenario's description.

FabLab EDP also designed a SENSIBLE model with the same functionality that can be transported and presented at Energy and Smart Grids fairs.