Mission and Vision

Our mission

We work in areas of mutual interest for our shareholders, EDP and CTG, and adopt an integrated approach in our projects to encourage an efficient use of resources and explore complementary knowledge. This strong collaboration is paramount for the success of our projects.

Our vision

To be a leading corporate R&D centre.
We aim to become a reference in the energy sector by consistently participating in early stages of technology and knowledge development and by executing our projects with excellence. Our projects are focused in five key priority areas for our shareholders:

  • Interoperable Smart Energy Grids
  • Positive Energy Communities
  • Renewable Energy Sources (RES) Technology
  • RES Integration and Flexibility
  • Digital Energy

Our projects

NEW’s priority areas are based on EDP’s and CTG’s core competences and innovation priorities, but also the potential impact of each area in transforming the energy sector.

Explore our projects.

Renováveis e eólicas




There are two R&D centres – Lisbon and Shanghai – which work in close collaboration through a Cooperation Agreement with the shared goal of strengthening the innovation ecosystem in both companies.

We intend to pave our way towards a world class R&D Centre covering a wide range of projects spread across our five foundation areas:

  • Interoperable Smart Energy Grids
  • Positive Energy Communities
  • Renewable Energy Sources (RES) Technology
  • RES Integration and Flexibility
  • Digital Energy

To carry out our ambition we adopted a project-based structure which suits our concept of NEW R&D Centre, allowing a swift approach to project implementation. Notwithstanding, synergies among the projects are explored, and the energy sector is our background scope and therefore continually surveyed.

To implement the flagged topics, Lisbon and Shanghai centres both actively pursue opportunities in competitive R&D Funds available in Europe and China respectively.

We also regularly develop international consultancy work in a wide range of technical and strategic areas, including Energy Storage, Smart Grids and Long-term Energy Strategies. Our track record includes work in Cape Verde, Seychelles and Mozambique.

Our competences and team

Our team has a broad knowledge in the energy sector:

  • Strong background in key areas of engineering as well as in management and business administration
  • State-of-the-art knowledge and experience in hydro, thermal and renewable energy technologies and energy markets
  • Skilled personnel in both laboratory and engineering functions
  • Extensive experience in project development and execution, operation and management
  • Leadership in innovation in smart grids, not only in terms of technology but also implementation and management

On the other hand, as part of world leading utility EDP, we have distinctive infrastructures:

  • Asset basis which includes a diversified generation portfolio comprising conventional and renewable, with an overall installed capacity of 27 GW, generating 67TWh in 2019, of which 66% comes from wind and hydro plants
  • Innovative Renewable Energy plants, like pioneering floating wind farm WindFloat Atlantic and novel floating photovoltaic of Alto Rabagão
  • Distribution grid with Smart Grid deployment through a smart grid project called InovGrid. It was first deployed in the municipality of Évora (EDP’s Inovcity) in 2010 and it has been extended to other cities across Portugal.
  • Laboratorial infrastructure facilities, where consulting/ testing services in the field of electricity (from production to consumption, energy transport, energy distribution, energy efficiency, renewable energies, metering / smart metering, etc.) are performed.

NEW R&D also draws on anchor partnerships with Portuguese/European and Chinese Universities and R&D Centres. Further partnerships with top tier academic actors are pursued on an on-going basis.

As we embrace further challenges and consolidate NEW’s position within the energy sector worldwide, we expect to increase our team and expanding our competences.

The team currently comprises around 25 people of diverse backgrounds and a significant accumulated know-how and competences in the Energy field.

NEW R&D Funding:

The Lisbon Centre mainly focuses on the European Union’s R&D programs such as Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe as well as other European and Portuguese funding programs and initiatives.

We actively pursue opportunities to collaborate with top-tier partners in the European R&D environment and develop innovative concepts.


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