In order to comply with the United Nations' SDG 7, we want to ensure reliable, sustainable and modern access to energy, at an affordable price for all.

Our objectives:

  • Invest 8 million euros in electrical networks/micro-networks for populations without access;
  • Finance A2E (Access to Energy) projects in Africa;
  • Achieve 75% of renewable capacity by 2020;
  • Provide energy efficiency products and services to reduce global consumption in up to 1TWh before 2020.

Our indicators since 2015

  • Investment volume: 1.540.000 €
  • Renewable capacity: 22%
  • Photovoltaic installations: 223

Our initiatives:

Support renewable energy projects in developing countries

Made through the A2E Fund program, which provides access to renewable energy, especially solar energy. This initiative aims to contribute to the social, economic and environmental development of the most disadvantaged communities.

New solar and wind farms

The Livadi park, with 45MW of capacity, will be built in central Greece and will be operational in 2020 and the Aerorrachi park, with 15MW of capacity, will be operational in 2021. With these new contracts, we are now present in 19 countries and we have consolidated our position in the wind sector.

Voluntary projects for Energy Precariousness

In 2018, we made one million euros available to support projects aimed at improving the thermal comfort of users of the installations of the National Health Service. At the same time, through EDP Solidária Inovação Social, we allocated the same amount to support Private Social Solidarity Institutions in their programs to combat Energy Precariousness.

Energy efficiency measures

It is essential to promote energy efficiency in order to have more sustainable energy consumption. Thus, we will install more efficient energy conductors, as are the cases of heat pumps and LED lamps.

In addition, in 2012, we launched the Save to Compete program, which promotes the competitiveness of companies in Portugal and Spain, through energy efficiency measures. The program has already allowed companies to save more than 18 million euros, more than 174 GWh of energy saved and more than 70 thousand tons of avoided CO2 emissions.

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