Energy Storage and Flexibility

Storage is a key issue for renewable energies!

Storage and flexibility solutions will be one of the mainstays of the new energy paradigm, with the transition to decarbonization, decentralization and electrification.

Several technologies are now being developed and tested which could open up new opportunities for the industry. These solutions can be applied both to existing assets and to new services - i.e., from centralized generation plants to self-consumption and the sale of energy between consumers.

Energy Storage and Flexibility is an important area in our entire value chain:

With the expansion of renewable energies, we will see greater volatility and uncertainty regarding the amount of electricity produced at any given time. Sometimes we will have production deficits, but on other occasions we will have a production surplus. There is a need for solutions that make it possible to store energy until it is necessary, both in large renewable plants and in people's homes or communities, in the case of self-consumption systems.

Another major challenge is making sure that we have a resilient renewable energy system (by committing to decarbonization, the Iberian Peninsula intends to shut down coal plants in the short term). Flexibility and solutions such as DR (Demand Response) and new uses for old plants are some of the opportunities the industry should be focusing on.

We are preparing the future!

We must prepare for the future now, and that's why we want to test new technologies, integrate them with existing assets (such as storage + renewable energy production projects), keep up with cost savings, and come up with solutions that bring value to customers.

Our ultimate goal is to create the conditions for the proliferation of these solutions in the grid and prepare for the challenges of the future.

Some of our Storage and Flexibility projects: