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EDP converts the wave scores of Meo Portugal Cup of Surfing into months of energy and donate them to four social solidarity institutions

Friday 25, September 2020

The company will also compensate for the carbon emissions from the presence of all surfers participating in the event

With the support for sports as a priority, EDP will be present at the MEO Portugal Cup of Surfing, a new championship format created by the World Surf League, which will take place on the beaches of Ericeira, Peniche or Nazaré, between September 28 and October 2. This will be a global event, split across several countries including Portugal, and it takes place before the start of the 2021 Championship Tour. This championship will count on the presence of the world champion Ítalo Ferreira and the best Portuguese surfer Frederico Morais. Teresa Bonvalot and Mafalda Lopes stand out in the ladies group.

EDP has been developing several social responsibility actions in the events it supports. Within the scope of the MEO Portugal Cup of Surfing, EDP Comercial will benefit four institutions of social solidarity. Each of the IPSS will receive months of free energy depending on the scores obtained daily in the “EDP Wave of the Day” category, that is, these IPSS can receive up to 10 months of free energy.  The objective of this initiative is to support these institutions at a critical time for society.

Social responsibility actions have been a common practice at several EDP events that, at the beginning of the month, promoted the EDP Surf Experience initiative, during which it offered surf, yoga and painting workshops to more than 200 children from social solidarity institutions.

Aligned with the pillars of EDP is also the action developed within the scope of the brand's support for this event: EDP will also compensate for the CO2 footprint related to the presence of the 24 present surfers. To commemorate the event, a certificate will be given to all participating surfers. This compensation includes all air travel, local travel and hotel stays. 
The offsetting of greenhouse gas emissions (CO2e) will be carried out through investment in carbon sequestration projects in Portugal, namely forest management in areas of Quercus pyrenaica.


The choice of institutions was based on geographic dispersion (Porto, Lisbon, Santiago do Cacém and Faro) and also on the type of help they provide to society, such as support for children, women, youths and drug addicts.

- Centro Social Barredo - Porto- Located in Ribeira do Porto, it supports a very needy population. In addition to the support in goods and services that they provide to families in need, they also provide aids to parents of young children in the form of day care, in the scope of which they accompany about 40 children in day care and about 40/50 in preschool.

- Associação O Ninho - Lisboa - With the objective of human and social promotion of women victims of prostitution and women trafficked for the purpose of sexual exploitation, the institution structures the services according to the needs felt not only by women, but also by the technicians who accompany them. Support for these women and their children is provided through social responses, training workshops and skills learning, social monitoring, food and non-food support.

- Youth House “O Farol” - Santiago do Cacém - Youth House “O Farol” is a shelter for children and young people at risk and is aimed at children and young people to whom a promotion and protection measure has been applied. Develops its work in the areas of health and well-being, school integration, development of personal and social skills, promotion of autonomy and integration into active life.

- G.A.T.O. - Aid Group for Drug Addicts - Faro - Private Institution of Social Solidarity, non-profit, based in Faro, which develops actions in the areas of Primary Prevention, Treatment and Social Reintegration.