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The future's wave is in our hands

The water was one of the first elements to mark the history of EDP, through water production for several decades in Portugal, Spain and Brazil. On the other hand, EDP has been supporting Surf and the growth of the sport for several years. Now, EDP wants to strengthen the link to these two elements, adding a third one to it: the future. We will support the training of five young surf promises and give them the conditions to prepare themselves to compete on international circuits, taking Iberian surfing further, and reinforcing the dimension of sustainability and the preservation of the seas.

surf for tomorrow

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An intensive training and ambition program

 A new and ambitious program focused on the personal and sports training of four young surfers (~ 15-18 years old), with the ambition to place more athletes in the world surfing elite, serving as a case study and inspiration for the next generations. The program gives athletes the necessary opportunities for their development: international travels/internships; training with a specialized technical team; presence in junior circuits and presence in world circuits

Around the world, EDP is using water energy to be 100% green by 2030 and supporting those who are already changing tomorrow. Like Janire, Matias, Hans and Kai, the youngest Iberian promises of surfing, who, driven by the waves' energy, lead a new generation that protects the planet.  


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Wave of the day

In this initiative, the score of the best wave of the day translates into offering the same number as the score in months of energy for institutions.

It is a daily initiative that we have taking place during the championships where we are present, thus covering institutions from north to south of the country.

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EDP Surf For Tomorrow Open Sessions

Catching the wave of solidarity and social responsibility, the EDP Surf For Tomorrow Open Sessions initiative brought free surfing lessons to hundreds of children from charitable institutions throughout the Iberian Peninsula. The initiative aims to combine the practice of sustainable sports with social responsibility and is alligned with EDP's positioning of inclusion and investment in talent, continuing the connection of more than a decade with surfing.  

Powered by the energy of water, we support the generations that will change tomorrow now.  


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EDP Donate for Tomorrow

EDP has created the initiative Donate for Tomorrow to collect surfing material still in condition to be used by other surfers to whom this sport is not so accessible.

We started to collect equipment at EDP Vissla Pro Ericeira and as result we have already donated almost sixty surf items.

Therefore, if you have surfing material that you no longer use, you now have the opportunity to give it a second life. Come to the EDP stand at the championships we sponsor and help us to bring surf to the next level.

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