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Creating is thinking about the future

Carolina Piteira, a Portuguese artist, is the narrator of this renewable and ambitious story of EDP. In addition to being the storyteller of the advertising spot, she created an exhibition that mirrors the group ambition to use the wind, sun and water power in order to be 100% green by 2030 and accelerate the energy transition, in an inclusive way. Through her art, the painter also intends to promote a planet preservation culture, having exhibited for the first time at Central Tejo, in Lisbon.

EDP Exhibition

Out of Time

Carolina Piteira's exhibition was on display at Central Tejo, in Lisbon, between January 12 and 31, 2022. Composed of 22 pieces, the project created by the artist has as its central theme the energies of wind, sun and water and their connection with time. Materializing the themes of climate change, "Out of Time" is a Changing Tomorrow Now signature exhibition and Carolina Piteira's most recent creation.  


Who is Carolina Piteira?

 Carolina Piteira is a Portuguese artist. She studied in Lisbon, at the Faculty of Fine Arts, and in London, at the University of East London, where she finished the course with distinction and received the Limehouse Arts Foundation Studio award, having been considered the best student of the year. Since finishing her studies, she has received several awards, including the first prize of the Signature Art Award in London. Carolina has exhibited in several cities around the world, representing the country in individual and collective exhibitions at the international level, among which the individual exhibition at the Venice Biennale in 2019. She is also an ambassador for the Portugal Sou Eu program, since 2014, nominated by the Ministry of Economy.