The energy sector is undergoing rapid transformation at all levels. The customer came to be at the center of the industry's decisions, so that continuing and accelerating this digital transformation will lead to major changes in the way we deal with our customers, and how they deal with energy themselves.

Are you ready to create new customer solutions to further accelerate industry change?

These areas are ideal for people with knowledge in the areas of Business Communication, Communication Science, Advertising and Marketing, Digital Marketing Management, Digital Communication, Marketing Analytics, UX & UI Designer, Branding, Brand Management, Customer Experience, among others.

I am currently responsible for the Customer Experience & Engagement B2C area, an area that aims to ensure that our private customers have the best customer experience in their relationship with EDP Comercial. To this end, we work every day so that they feel that it is easy and simple to relate to us, that they have access to the best solutions and that they are with us in building a transition path to a new and more sustainable way of living. Our ambition is to transmit our values, humanization, innovation and sustainability in all our interactions. Working at EDP has been an extraordinary experience, I have had the opportunity to participate in many projects, to be present at transformational times in the market and have had access to international experiences. Now more recently I had the unique opportunity to launch Planeta Zero an innovative, transformational program that challenges everyone to live more sustainably.Claúdia Rocha, Deputy Director, Customer Experience & Engagement, EDP Comercial